What happened to HealthMonitor ?

Dear User,
4 years ago I started HealthMonitor project because I was interested in OpenSource Community development and I also needed to build a small utility for System Monitoring... Later on I've been encouraged from your new feature requests and this exciting project grow a lot with the help of many people.

Unfortunately because of lack of time and the project's complexity I didn't make much headway on my own…...   In the mean time a brilliant italian company called Diffusione Informatica decided to fulfil all your requests and suggestions and still maintain a FREE version.  I thought this might be the best solution for an idea that was so successful that it clocked up more than 50,000 downloads!

I warmly recommend you visit www.health-monitor.com to see the new features like:
- New Plugins
- Web Interface AJAX like
- Hardware/Software Inventory
- much more...


Vittorio Pavesi